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     Condor Vision Quest is a community based service association.  We conduct traditional wilderness rites of passage (Severance, Threshold, Incorporation) in the context of the Ventura River watershed bioregion.


     The focus of our 6-month Severance preparation and one week Threshold experience is a successful Incorporation, i.e. "the ability to live one's vision and give one's gift."  To help practice the giving of one's gift, we require, as tuition, that participants make a $400 give-away in time or money to their favorite cause, charity, individual, or environmental organization.  The Condor Vision Quest is our give-away.


     Single sex group size is held to a maximum of six.  During the 6 months of Severance, starting in January, each member has the opportunity to be Master/Mistress of Ceremonies and host a meeting at his/her home.  This helps reinforce the truth that we are all teachers.  During the seven Severance meetings, we continually refine our intent, and cover equipment, first aid, simple self-generated ceremony, threshold tools, and offer mutual support.


     Threshold is an approximate 1-2 mile hike to base camp and a 3 to 4 day fast.


     Upon return from the Threshold, a Mirroring Circle is held to help with the  Incorporation phase.  This council helps not only the current questers, but also those who have gone before.  Once you have quested with Condor Vision Quest, you have paid the price of admission to all subsequent Mirroring Circles.  From this simple practice has grown a support community known as "The Condor Clan."  Some Clan activities include: carrying in water for the next year's groups, quarterly support meetings, and a yearly campout.


     Originators Kent and Farion Pearce have been trained by "The School of Lost Borders."


     If you are interested in the process and would like to sign up, or just have questions, women may contact Farion Pearce at or 805-643-1514.  Men may contact Shawn Berry at or 323-810-0310.


                       Kent  Pearce

Condor Vision Quest Originator 

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