Condor Clan Events

Here you can access information on meetings and events. 

Incorporation Support Meetings:

Four times a year on Saturday or Sunday 9-11am

[close to the equinoxes and solstices]


This is an opportunity to share with others and get support for living your vision and giving your gift.  These meetings are held with the understanding that incorporation is the most difficult phase of the journey and that we all need ongoing support for it.


All Clan Councils:

Held twice a year after the Spring and Fall Incorporation Meetings.


  • All Condor Clan members are invited to discuss Clan business and participate in planning our yearly events.

  • It is typically at these meetings when people volunteer to help carry out the events of the year.


All our events can be found on the individual event pages.  These detail pages can hold maps, directions, team members, requests, i.e. all the production details.....


For Condor Event Coordinators, contact Farion or Mark to edit the text on your event page....   Easy !!

Volunteer Coordinators Needed

To lead one or more of our Condor Clan Events


Got the heart to give back, give your gift, connect with others and be empowered by our community - what a deal !

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