Order of the Red Bandana

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Incorporation - The Challenge


Several years ago two vision quest guides put their heads together and
conceived of a way to help questers in their individual Incorporation. Their
idea was to offer an opportunity to publicly state an Incorporation
commitment, and then receive a tangible reminder of their pledge.


The commitment is “to be willing to take responsibility for guiding oneself and supporting others on the Guides’ Path of Incorporation”. The tangible reminder of that commitment is receiving a red bandana.


The Order of the Red Bandana (ORB) is the name of the community that has grown out of this simple ceremony. Some of these Incorporation Guides proudly claim the identity of - ORBonaut. Currently there are members of ORB who are dwelling not only in North America, but also in Asia, Australia, and Europe.



We belong together on the Guides Path


Upon returning from a wilderness rite of passage, there can be a natural
feeling of being “alone” or “other” following the intense togetherness that is
experienced in base-camp. It can feel like returning from another planet.
Rarely is there anyone to greet us at home who speaks the language that
we have learned on the other side of the Threshold. If we cannot share
our on-going incorporation adventure with other experienced people, it is
all too easy for our journey to become like a fading dream.

Conference calls and Skype meetings may prove helpful in trying to keep
the dream alive, but technology can never replace sitting in a circle on the
land, sharing our stories and struggles with others who have recrossed the Threshold to bring back gifts for their People. As individuals, most of us
have wrestled with the lonely question - “Now that I’m back - Where do I

In June of 2014, eight ORBonauts journeyed to the top of a mountain,
walked on the land, sat in a Circle, and asked that lonely question. The
answer that embraced each one of them was, “Here, Together, in Support.”
This was the birth the first “ORB Big Belonging.”


Look For - The 4th ORB Big Belonging Weekend


Purpose: To simply provide Incorporation support and have fun.

Friday: Settle in, Walk the land, Rattle down the sun, Hang out around a fire.




Welcome & overview
Call in the Ancestors
State given name, meaning of name, where from, place Stone on the altar
If needed, state ORB pledge (receive Red Bandana)
Rest of the day preview:
Tell medicine name stories in triads

Cross the Threshold
Earthwalk - Find current confirmation sentence:
“I am _(what kind of an)______ ORBonaut who_______?”
Recross the Threshold

Triad share at Post Threshold meeting

Gifts - Give and Receive (open to all)
Rattle down the sun
By firelight: Reveal your Medicine Name & current Confirmation Sentence.

Questions, Announcements, COUNCIL




Goodbye overview
Questions, Announcements, COUNCIL – “What do you need?”

By revolutions around the sun: Pick up Stone; state address, Medicine
Name, Declare “I belong,” and what it is you’re taking back to your People.
Holding stones in left hand, all touch the Earth with right hand and state: “With
gratitude we release the Ancestors - Ahhh…Ho!” 



Who, When, Where, and what to bring


Who: Anyone who has completed a guided 3 or 4 day vision 

quest/fast and is willing to take responsibility for guiding themselves
and supporting others on the “Guides Path of Incorporation”

When: FRIDAYJUNE 2nd- SUNDAY, JUNE 4th, 2017

Where: Cerro Noeste (formerly known as Mt. Abel)
Located at approx. 8,000 ft, the Campo Alto Campground is
nestled amongst Jeffrey Pines with 360 degree views of the
surrounding Chumash Wilderness. The campground has
pit toilets and fire rings, but no water. Cost: $5.00 per night
with an adventure pass. Campo Alto is approx. 300 miles
south of the Oakland airport off of Highway 5. It is approx.
100 miles north of the Los Angeles airport off of Highway 5.


What to bring:


Stove and Food for 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 2 dinners, (some to share?)


A chair.

Camping gear – tent, sleeping bag, pad, warm clothes, etc.
( We request that you refrain from using drugs or alcohol
during the group Threshold Time).

A stone from your land no bigger than the palm of your hand
The meaning of your given name (first, middle, last).

Memories of your Threshold experience.

Your Vision Quest Journal if you have one.

Your ORB bandana (if you don’t have one, we will provide it).

A sense of Adventure.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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