The Spring Welcoming


The Spring Welcoming is set up primarily as a chance for the people who are preparing to quest for the first time to meet Condor Clan members, and for Clan members to meet them, as well as for questers to learn about the Condor Clan and how it supports incorporation.


It is also an opportunity for Condor Clan members to gather and enjoy each other’s presence in a festive atmosphere and to feel the support that is inherent in Condor Clan gatherings.


Next Meeting

Coordinator - 

Assistants - 

Date - 

Time - 

Location -Foster Park ?

Items/Support Needed - volunteers to assist with set-up, execution,    and clean-up-


This was the schedule for 2015.  Look for updated time's.....


:00  Smudge in Fasters                       - Volunteer 

:05  Welcome                                     - Volunteer 

          Poem / Story / Quote                    - Volunteer 

          Purpose of the Spring Welcoming  - Volunteer 

          Today's Events                            - Volunteer 

          Call in Ancestors                          - Volunteer 

:20  Guidelines for Introductions           - Volunteer 

          Introduce Guides                          - Volunteer 

          Intro/welcome/update                    - Guides

          Introduce themselves                   - Fasters

1:00  Describe Game                            - Volunteer 

          Play Game                                  - Everyone

          Game feedback                           - Volunteer 

1:30   Introduce Color Families               - Volunteer 

           Group discussion topics               - Volunteer 

2:00    Break out in color groups              - Everyone

2:30    Closing Discussion                      - Volunteer 

3:00    Close/Release                             - Volunteer 

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