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Being a Condor Vision Mentor 

The Condor Vision Mentor program is to facilitate a model where a community mentors initiates through their rite of passage. It also provieds an opportunity for initiates to connect with someone in the community who is not the guide leading the group nor an initiate peer; but rather someone who provides a direct link to the Condor Clan community. The mentor is a sounding board for the initiate in confidence and a source of the history, understanding, and culture that the vision of the Condor Clan community offers to paricipate in as incorporation support upon completion the threshold ceremony within Condor Vision.

Initiates are asked if they would like the support of a mentor. Therefore, if you volunteer to become one, they are already anticipating a call from you. This is not a "cold call" situation.

 This is a seasonal commitment and includes three points of proactivity incumbent on the mentor:

1) Introductory Phone Call

In this first call, you will introducing yourself, offer a friendly welcome, and acknowledge that they are in the vision fast ceremony process. Ask how they are doing and if they have any questions. The Mentor's priority is not to answer questions, but to support the initiate, make the m feel welcome, and confirm that you are available to reach out to. And of course, if you can answer a few questions, great! Please remember to do your best to speak from your personal experience. "I don't know, but I can find out," Is a perfectly acceptable answer.

- Make sure they have your contact information

- Make sure they know that you will meet them in person at the Spring Welcoming.


2) Attend Spring Welcoming

Here you will make a point to meet with the initiate to personally welcome them to the community gathering, make sure they are comfortable, and make a introductions to a couple other Condors. In general, be available to them; check in on them once or twice during the day and just make sure they're having a good time, meeting a few people.


3) Reach out once more before they Leave for the Threshold

Before the initiate heads out for the mountain, reach out at least once more. Perhaps make a casual offer to meet for coffee even. You are offering your listening, encouragement and willingness to answer any questions that you authentically can.

- Ask them how the process is going and if they have any concerns about the approaching threshold time.

- Let them know you will be saying prayers for them as well as other Condors.
- Offer gentle encouragement to enroll supporters they have been timid to reach out to, have them come to the vigil night


At this point, after the three points of proactivity are completed the Mentor has fulfilled their commitment to the initiate. It now becomes the responsibility of the initiate to make any further contact. There should be no expectation either way on the part of the Mentor.


Condor Vision guides will inform the initiates that they have the option of asking their Mentor to formally welcome them in with the pinecone necklace into the Condor Clan. We highly suggest if you were a Mentor, that you attend the Honoring Ceremony! It's just good community support. Seeing and Being seen is a key component of beginning one's incorporation.


As a Mentor, there are several points along the way that you can support your Mentee in addition to the three commitments:

1) Come to the morning Send Off!

Yes, it's early in the morning, but this tradition continues in proving to be a potent expression of the power of community. Not only will you get to bless your supporter with a hug, knowing nod, and witnessing their departure, you get to connect and create ceremony with other Condors!

2) Come to the Supporter's Vigil Night!

This is a great way to demonstrate the beauty of the Condor Clan community and to also meet and share the common connection you have established with the loved ones of the initiate you are supporting.

3) Attend the Honoring Ceremony

As stated, if your mentee asked you to induct them into the Condor Clan, you'll want to be there! But if your connection did not reach that depth..come anyway! The Honoring Ceremony is the initiate's "duckling imprinting" on how the Condor Clan community truly operates and shows up. Numbers and connectivity are important here. It's a tenuous time as they begin their incorporation and need to "see and be seen" by others who have been on the path.

4) Invite your Mentee to their first Condor Seasonal Incorporation Council
If the relationship with your mentee has continued through the honoring ceremony, a great way to continue supporting them is to call or email them to personally invite them to the next Incorporation meeting. Of course, you will be there too to meet them, make a few introductions for them, and receive the benefits yourself of practicing incorporation by attending!

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