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Share Your Fasting Story with other Condors!

Dear Condors, I'm thrilled to have a place where we can share our visionquest stories and keep them as an archive for Condor members to enjoy. While the oral tradition serves such stories best, having them written out allows so many more of us to receive the gifts that each stories offers. Special thanks to Kap and Debby for originating the Thumper Society so many years ago. In that tradition, Condors are invited to share their story with the Young's as well as another Condor or two. Everyone gets to hear a new story from the mountain. Kap and Debby offer a meal and massage with the amazing "thumper" massager. It's a win all the way around.

While this format will fall far short of offering a meal and a massage for your story, I hope you will take this invitation to pull out your journal, reread your experience, and the begin to write. I can boldy assure all of us that returning so deeply to the memory of this personal, transformational experience will once again reawaken the passion and vision you came down the mountain with on that fifth morning within yourself and serve to reignite the holy, lifelong flame of incorporation in others. Aho.


  1. Type up your story. Please do your best to proofread it! Don't worry about the typeface or size. DO put in paragraph breaks, quotes. Adding excerpts of poems or songs is also welcome.

  2. There is no length limit, however, consider the impact of a story that can be taken in during a single, yet relaxed sitting. Balance details with concise storytelling.

  3. Give your story a brief, catchy title! This is what will show on the front page as a headline.

  4. Send it to the email address below along with your Condor medicine name.

  5. Along with your story, email up to 3 inspirational images of your own. Just make sure to designate one to serve as your story's "cover" photo. The cover image is the one that will show on the front page. Ideally it is a picture you took yourself! Please, no copyrighted or trademarked imagery.

Send stories and images to:

Let me know of any questions.

In service and support,

Shawn Yellow Hawk

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