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Who's Doing What  in Condor Clan

Our community facebook page is displayed below. If you go to Facebook and post on our page, it will show up here. Our Facebook page is for Condor Clan members only. It is intended to enrich the connection between us as community members, support each other on the journey of incorporation. To that end, feel free to post pictures, share thoughts and stories that are relevant to the context of Condor interests.

Do your best to please refrain from posting overt, political or spiritual opinions or links to such material. The intention of this page is to share in ways that draw us closer to ourselves, each other, and the earth.

Also, as we all know, Condor Clan holds a tenant of not mixing business with community. It has served us well when gathering in person and allowed us all to show up vulnerably to give and receive support from each other. However, many of us have skills, talents and offers we can offer each other that may include. Our community Facebook page intended to provide an appropriate place for Condors to do this.

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