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The Condor Vision Quest is a community based service association. We conduct traditional wilderness rites of passage: Severance, threshold, incorporation, in the context of the Ventura River watershed bioregion.

The Condor Vision Quest


Sara is Lead Guide for the 2021 Women's Condor Vision Quest


Kamakshi is currently

apprenticing to serve

as a guide for the

Women's Condor

Vision Quest


Zahava serves as a Guide for Women's Condor Vision Quest. She is currently

on hiatus.


Our Guide Roster


Scott is Lead Guide for the 2021 Men's

Condor Vision Quest.


Randy is Co-Guide for the 2021 Men's Condor Vision Quest


Kap is currently

apprenticing to serve

as a guide for the

Men's Condor

Vision Quest


Shawn serves as

Guide for Men's

Condor Vision Quest.

He is currently

on hiatus.


A wilderness rite of passage consists of three phases, Severance, Threshold, and Incorporation. It also consists of three contexts: Wilderness, solo time, and fasting. The focus of our six month Severance preparation and one week Threshold experience is to support a successful beginning into Incorporation, meaning, "the ability to live one's vision and give one's gift" going forward into their lives after completing the vision quest ceremony. The Condor Vision Quest is the collective give-away gift offered by the Condor Guides and participating members of Condor Clan. This program is a community service and has a tuition requiring participants to make a $400 give-away in time or money to their favorite cause, charity, individual, or environmental organization once their commitment is received. This tradition and value was put in place at the inception of the organization as envisioned by Kent and Farion Pearce. There is also a materials fee of $100 that will be collected once your sign-up submission has been confirmed. To sign-up and reserve a seat, a conversation via phone call is also required. Please find the contact information at the bottom of this page.

Below is an overview of the six month journey you will undertake during the Condor Vision Quest.


Condor Vision organizes both male or female groups with a maximum of six participants per group. During the 6 months of Severance, starting in January, each member has the opportunity to be "Master or Mistress of Ceremonies" by hosting a meeting at their home. This helps reinforce the truth that we are all teachers. During the seven Severance meetings, we continually refine our intent for embarking upon this ceremonial journey, review equipment needs, verbally train in first aid, explore simple self-generated ceremony, discover threshold tools, and build mutual support within the circle of participants.


The Threshold time takes a week to complete. Initiates and guides backpack in perhaps a mile or two from a trailhead and set up a basecamp for the duration of the Threshold time. The group camps together for the first day and a half. Initiates are sent out to complete their fasting ceremony alone: women for three days and nights, men will complete four. Upon return to base camp the morning after the final night, questers break their fast. Soon after the group departs from the wilderness. A ceremonial dip in a water hole followed by a group lunch at a local restaurant marks the completion of The Threshold time.



Within a day of the return from the Threshold time, Incorporation begins with a Mirroring Circle. This council is held by the guides, men, and women from the Condor Clan community who have already been been through the Condor Vision Quest. Returning fasters will have an opportunity to storytell their mountain experience and receive the wisdom of the circle as community members reflect back to them the symbols, themes, and truths they heard within each faster's story. It is the first opportunity for returning fasters to "be seen" as the self they have claimed for themselves and declare their gift to be given to their people as a demonstration of their intent to commit to Incorporation. Condor members understand what an initiated adult will need support with as they begin this process. The Mirroring Circle helps not only the current questers, but also those "who have gone before" as they come to listen and receive the medicine of new stories. Once you have quested with Condor Vision Quest, you have paid the price of admission to all subsequent Mirroring Circles. From this simple practice has grown a support community known as "The Condor Clan."


Both founders, Kent and Farion Pearce, trained at the "School of Lost Borders" to learn how to offer this ancient  birthright to whomever may desire to receive it. Many of the practices, activities, rituals, and ceremonies presented in Condor Vision Quest are either presented as they were disseminated by the school or, inspired by the concepts found within the teachings and curriculum. This tradition is built upon the axiom that "nature is the teacher." It is also important to understand that each region and its many landscapes where one may undertake this ceremony will reveal its own sacred and sovereign wisdom, guiding each quester to their own deepest truths.

Signing up and Reserving a seat

If you have any questions or wish to begin the signup process, please reach out to the respective contact person listed below. The sign-up process involves an initial phone call to discuss what is calling you forward to take this ceremonial journey. As mentioned earlier, there is a $400 "give-away" in time or money that each participant must agree to make. Reserving your seat is contingent upon presenting a "proof of give-away" of at least the first $100 of your $400 give-away. Details of this process as well as a completing a brief writing assignment to confirm a reservation will be discussed in full during the initial phone call.

Perhaps we'll hear from you!

WOMEN: Zahava Weiss


MEN: Scott Duffer

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